Swim England Transgender and Non-Binary Competition Policy

Swim England’s updated transgender and non-binary competition policy has inclusion and fairness at its very heart. In order for all aquatic disciplines to be enjoyed as sport, there must be inclusive opportunities for transgender participants to compete.

This policy refers only to Swim England competitions (including those organised by our member Regions, Counties and Clubs) and will be implemented on 1 September 2023.


  1. If the meet is held after 1 September 2023 it will need to use Female and Open/ Male categories (unless they applied for a licence prior to 3 April where their existing conditions will be honoured)
  2. The Promoters will need to bear in mind that the meet management software will likely be showing as Female and Open/ Male from 1 September which could impact the scoreboard display. Swim England appreciates that there will be incidences of the old terms being used and a period of transition will be accepted.
  3. If the meet is being held prior to 1 September (regardless of when the licence was applied for) the meet can use Female and Male categories. The new Policy does not come into effect until 1 September.
  4. If a licensed series of events takes place on both sides of 1 September, we would encourage the return of results to be sent in as soon as possible after each occurrence.

Leagues and series of events (such as club champs):

A league or a series of events may wish to licence a final (or some of the events within a series) that occurs after 1 September. If some of the events are due to take place prior to 1 September then special dispensation can be given to the licensed elements after this date and can fall under the same Policy used for the first part of the league. Any licensed series of events (or part of) starting after 1 September will require adherence to the new policy.

Clarifying the female category birth sex:

The new Policy requires athletes who want to compete in the Female category to confirm their birth sex.

We would like to encourage Promoters to add to their conditions a statement to confirm that by entering the meet the athlete is confirming that if they are entering the Female category, and as such confirm they were born with a birth sex of female. Below is an example of such a statement;

The Female category is for birth sex females in accordance with Swim England’s Transgender and Non-Binary Competition Policy. By entering the ‘Female’ category, a swimmer confirms that their birth sex is female.

To view the policy please click here: Swim England Transgender Non-Binary Competition Policy

Should you have any questions or want more information about the policy please email: [email protected]

Supervision ratios update May 2023

Swim England have published a new policy regarding the supervision ratios for clubs within aquatics.

Previously, the guidance was in Wavepower and within Swim England’s Team Manager training, however, as part of our commitment to providing a safe environment for all members, a new policy is being introduced.

You can view both the policy and FAQ’s here: https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/swim-england-relases-supervision-ratios-policy/

If you have any queries, please contact: [email protected]

Artistic Swimming Important Information

Artistic Swimming Important Information


Following World Aquatics rule changes the following updates need to be undertaken:


  • ALL Current Judges – to attend at least 1 of the 3 Zoom online sessions – to upskill to the new system – in order to be able to continue judging at their current Level from 1st Jan 2024. Any judges unable to attend 1 of the 3 sessions will not be able to judge past 1st Jan 2024, unless they attend another full course – at their current Level to continue onwards. Registers will be taken and OMS updated.


  • IN ADDITION ALL Level 3 Judges – invited to attend Synchronisation Technical Controller Upskill course – to be able to be a Level 3 + STC into 2024. If Level 3 does not attend this course they can continue as a Level 3 Judges just without the Synchronisation add on.



  • IN ADDITION ALL current Referees to attend Referee upskill to continue as a Referee into 2024. If unable to attend cannot continue as Referee.



Artistic Officials Courses 

  • Any Level 3 and above Judges who are interested in becoming Presenters for Regional Level 1 and Level 2 Courses can contact Hannah Secher directly to express interest


  • New Level 3 Judges Course – to be ran 1 day 2nd December venue TBC – for Level 2 Judges wanting to move upwards. (Save the date – registration to come later in the year)


  • New Referees Course – to be ran 1 day 11th November in Loughborough – for current Level 3 Judges with 2+ years experience, Senior Judge experience also. (Save the date – registration to come later in the year)


Swim England Safeguarding Training Requirements

Swim England is updating its safeguarding training requirements for all members who require a DBS check as part of their role in aquatics and in accordance with Wavepower.

From January 1 2024, the national governing body will only accept Swim England Safeguarding training for those working within our clubs, counties and regions as part of our commitment set out in the Heart of Aquatics

This change will be mandatory, with a phasing-in period for those who hold existing approved safeguarding training that will be valid until its expiry date. For those who have not previously completed a Swim England tutor-led course, this will be the first step to achieving compliance.

The expectation is that members will complete a three-hour tutor-led course as initial training – which is valid for three years – followed by a refresher course three years later so that training can move in a six-year cycle. This update also addresses a gap in the national governing bodies’ training policy to cover 16 and 17-year-olds who are in a ‘Position of Trust’.

From the start of next year, Swim England Safeguarding Training will be required for those in this age group that are in coaching or teaching roles and are delivering a Swim England-recognised activity.

If you have any queries, please contact: [email protected]

Technical Officials and poolside volunteers – We need you!

Thank you for your support at the first two weekends of the regional championships in Norwich.

The region is currently short of officials and volunteers for the forthcoming weekend of swimming at the regional championships in Luton.

In respect of poolside volunteers, there is a genuine need for volunteers across all sessions.

The need for officials is particularly acute for session 20 and 22 on Saturday 13th May and session 23 on Sunday 14th May.

If all clubs assisted in some capacity for one session each, the roles would all be filled. Please could I ask that colleagues attending the meet give serious consideration to indicating their availability for a session or two of the competition.

The Region’s volunteer coordinator carefully plans volunteer roles to ensure that all those participating have the opportunity to see their child compete.

The link to sign-up can be found here:

Technical Officials and Poolside Volunteers Applications to Officiate at Regional Swimming Competitions – Swim England East Region