Artistic Swimming Important Information

Artistic Swimming Important Information


Following World Aquatics rule changes the following updates need to be undertaken:


  • ALL Current Judges – to attend at least 1 of the 3 Zoom online sessions – to upskill to the new system – in order to be able to continue judging at their current Level from 1st Jan 2024. Any judges unable to attend 1 of the 3 sessions will not be able to judge past 1st Jan 2024, unless they attend another full course – at their current Level to continue onwards. Registers will be taken and OMS updated.


  • IN ADDITION ALL Level 3 Judges – invited to attend Synchronisation Technical Controller Upskill course – to be able to be a Level 3 + STC into 2024. If Level 3 does not attend this course they can continue as a Level 3 Judges just without the Synchronisation add on.



  • IN ADDITION ALL current Referees to attend Referee upskill to continue as a Referee into 2024. If unable to attend cannot continue as Referee.



Artistic Officials Courses 

  • Any Level 3 and above Judges who are interested in becoming Presenters for Regional Level 1 and Level 2 Courses can contact Hannah Secher directly to express interest


  • New Level 3 Judges Course – to be ran 1 day 2nd December venue TBC – for Level 2 Judges wanting to move upwards. (Save the date – registration to come later in the year)


  • New Referees Course – to be ran 1 day 11th November in Loughborough – for current Level 3 Judges with 2+ years experience, Senior Judge experience also. (Save the date – registration to come later in the year)