Artistic swimming competitions

Regional Competitions

Swim England East Region run three competitions annually in February, March and June, which aim to give every level of artistic swimmer aged 8 to 18 the opportunity to compete.  Events for Masters swimmers (18+) are also included.  

Competitions can comprise of figures and/or routines.  Please check this page for more details of the events available at each competition.

Regional Competitions 2023

All Figures (Master), Age Group Solos & Duets (12U & 13-15)
Date: Saturday 25th February 2023.
Venue: Stevenage Swimming Centre
Free & Technical Solos & Duets (15 – 18), All Combination Teams, Masters Teams
Date:  Saturday 18th March 2023.
Venue: Stevenage Swimming Centre
New Ungraded Figures, All Combination Teams and Masters Combination Teams
Date: Saturday 10th June 2023.
Venue: Stevenage Swimming Centre
Further information to follow.

Other Competitions

Swimmers from the Region may also take part in competitions organised by other clubs, counties or regions.  Clubs also enter the Combo Cup, a competition for combination teams organised by Swim England, and swimmers may also qualify for the Synchro National Age Groups, where swimmers have to have obtained certain figure grades for their age in order to enter. 


Artistic Swimming events require referees, judges, scorers, callers, clerks and timekeepers as well as other helpers to run. 

The Region runs courses for level 1 and 2 judges as well as courses for scorers.

No technical knowledge is required for callers, clerks and timekeepers and parents often fill these essential roles to enable competitions to run.

Find out more about artistic swimming official’s training courses.