Our Governance

Following the decision to become an incorporated association, the 2020 ACM approved proposals to revise our governance structure. 

We have moved to a Board of four Directors, with a Members Forum and a Regional Operations Committee.  Each of our disciplines are managed by leadership groups, and we also have a Club Leadership Group.  The liaison with counties is enhanced by the County Forum and, where there is aligned service delivery, our leadership groups include county representatives. 

To ensure that the region maintains the highest standards of governance, we have also established an Audit, Risk and Probity Committee, and a Nominations Committee is set up to manage elections and appointments.

All members of our Board, Committees and Groups are also members of Swim England East Region clubs. 

Swim England East Region is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales (Company number 12931432).  In January 2021 the Company was granted charitable status (Charity Number 1193136).  Our registered company address is Swim England East Region, Sportpark, Pavillion 3, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3QF

Governance Structure

All Terms of Reference documents can be located for each Committee and Group within the accordian below.

The Directors of the Company are:

  • Chairman – (Vacant)
  • Keith Belton (Finance Director)
  • Ian Mackenzie
  • Helen Stephens
  • Yvonne Stead

The Board, which meets monthly, has responsibility for the overall leadership of the Company and setting the Company’s values and standards, and for approval of the Company’s strategic aims and objectives.  It sets the annual budget and monitors the finance of the company.   More information on the roles and responsibilities of the Board can be found in the Articles of Association, Matters Reserved and the Regulations.

The Chairman can be contacted by email at [email protected]

The Regional Operations Committee (ROC) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the implementation of the strategy and has the overall responsibility for the management and delivery of development for athletes, coaches and volunteers, and for the management and delivery of competition. 

The ROC is very much the ‘sport’ committee, and oversees the work on the individual Leadership Groups. 

Membership of the ROC includes six independent members.  These six posts are filled following a nomination process and election by the Members Forum, which is managed by the Nominations Committee. 

The ROC includes two Directors and is chaired by the Chairman of the Board. 

Members of the ROC are:

  • Regional Chairman – (Vacant)
  • Keith Belton – Finance Manager
  • Gerry Metcalf
  • Sheila Mackenzie
  • Lottie Thompson
  • Tom Baster
  • Stewart Murray
  • Vacant

More information on the role and membership of the Regional Operations Committee can be found in its Terms of Reference.

The Chairman of the Regional Operations Committee can be contacted by email at [email protected]

The Audit, Risk and Probity Committee (ARP) has been established to ensure the Swim England East Region achieves the highest standards of governance.  The ARP oversees compliance with Sport England’s Code for Corporate Governance, oversees the arrangements for the prevention of fraud/corruption within Swim England East Region and monitors the risk management process. The ARP operates independently from the Board and has a check and challenge role.

The members of the ARP have been appointed following open recruitment managed by a Nominations Committee.  The Chairman of the Audit, Risk and Probity Committee is Simon Lever. 

More information on the role and membership of the Audit, Risk and Probity Committee can be found in its Terms of Reference.

If a member has any concerns about the governance of Swim England East Region, or the integrity of its staff or volunteers, the Chairman of the ARP can be contacted by email at [email protected]

A Nominations Committee will be set up by the Directors, as needed to manage elections and appointments.  In establishing a Nominations Committee, the Directors will call on suitable members of its committees and groups and, if necessary members from counties and clubs.  The same Nominations Committee may be used to manage a number of appointments. 

More information on the role and membership of the Nominations Committee can be found in its Terms of Reference.

The delivery of competitions and development of the sport is managed by leadership groups, with the support of our staff.  The leadership groups include members with particular skills, expertise, experience and interest in the discipline and all have a commitment to develop the sport. Where there is an aligned service delivery, our leadership groups include county representatives. 

In addition to groups for each of the aquatic disciplines, we have a Club Leadership Group, which monitors SwimMark, Stronger Affiliation and club development.

Each Leadership group has a Manager who is appointed for a three year term of office, following open recruitment. 

Click on the title of the Leadership Group to open the Term of Reference.

Leadership GroupGroup ManagersEmail them
East Diving Leadership GroupLottie Thompson[email protected]
East Disability Leadership GroupPeter Winter[email protected]
East Masters Leadership GroupVacant[email protected]
East Open Water Leadership GroupPaul Kendall[email protected]
East Swimming Leadership GroupTom Baster[email protected]
East Club Leadership GroupStewart Murray[email protected]
East Swimming Officials’ Leadership GroupDavid Metcalf[email protected]
East Artistic Swimming Leadership GroupAmy Davis[email protected]
East Water Polo Leadership GroupDean Walker[email protected]

As part of our governance restructure, the Region has established a County Forum.  The County Forum is a two way communication channel between the Region and the chairman and secretaries of its six counties, to share information and consult on our plans. 

More detail can be found in the County Forum Terms of Reference.

The purpose of the Panel is to be responsible for the review and allocation of the East Region awards
each year.

More detail can be found in the Awards Panel Terms of Reference.