Technical Officials and poolside volunteers – We need you!

Thank you for your support at the first two weekends of the regional championships in Norwich.

The region is currently short of officials and volunteers for the forthcoming weekend of swimming at the regional championships in Luton.

In respect of poolside volunteers, there is a genuine need for volunteers across all sessions.

The need for officials is particularly acute for session 20 and 22 on Saturday 13th May and session 23 on Sunday 14th May.

If all clubs assisted in some capacity for one session each, the roles would all be filled. Please could I ask that colleagues attending the meet give serious consideration to indicating their availability for a session or two of the competition.

The Region’s volunteer coordinator carefully plans volunteer roles to ensure that all those participating have the opportunity to see their child compete.

The link to sign-up can be found here:

Technical Officials and Poolside Volunteers Applications to Officiate at Regional Swimming Competitions – Swim England East Region