Technical Officials and Poolside Volunteers Applications to Officiate at Regional Swimming Competitions

Applications are now available for Swim England East Region volunteers in both technical and non technical (poolside volunteers) to assist in running regional events.

Please read the new policy updated hotel and expenses policy for swimming events effective from November 23 before completing any application.

Please click on the + sign next to the competition application you would like to complete. 

The Region is using the “Swim Meet” for applications to officiate at Regional Galas. The software will help the swimming officials’ coordinators organise the large number of officials needed to run a swimming meet.

Following submission of your application you will receive an email from the website with the sender named “”. Please retain a copy of this email for your records, as it states the sessions that you have applied for.

The Technical Director appointed for the competition will be in contact with applicants the week prior to the gala with final competition information.

Technical Official’s Applications

Please read the updated August 23 regional expense policy before you complete your application for this gala.

Please do not complete the application below if you are not a technical official

Use the Poolside Volunteers Applications area in green lower down the page

The Swim Meet application link will appear here when applications open. 

The Region have a limited number of hotel rooms available for volunteers who meet the accommodation qualifying criteria, please complete your application and contact David Metcalf direct to see availability. The accommodation allowance referred to in the expense policy for the competition is £80.00. 

Poolside Volunteers Applications – Non Technical Officials

Please read the updated regional expense policy before you complete your application.

The Swim Meet application link will appear here when applications open