5th East Region Referee Training Day

23 October 2017
52 Referees attended the  5th East Region Referee Training Day, which is held every other year. This year coincided with the rule changes adopted by FINA at the FINA General Congress in Budapest on 21 July 17 which recently came into force. 

The day started off with the Regional Swimming Manager David Metcalf updating and reminding colleagues with polices and procedures that have been implemented since the previous workshop in 2015. The training day was an ideal platform for discussion and learning by all. The refresher day goals, were to ensure a common practice and standardisation of procedures within the region.

Presentations were well received, they included:-

1. Overview of the Day                                                  David Metcalf

2. Statistics and Updates Since 2015 Training Day      David Metcalf

3. Race Results Refresher                                            David Robinson

4. Mentoring of Trainee Officials                                   Chris Galer
     Signing off Judge Workbooks

5. Minimum Ages for Swimming                                    Joan Wheeler

6. Gala Licensing                                                           Simon Gee

   ***** Buffet Lunch *****

7. Role of the Referee- Protests                                    Tom Baster

8. FINA Rules Update 2017 CPD                                   
         *Swimming                                                            David Metcalf
         *Open Water                                                          Paul Kendall

9. Question and Answer Session                                   All

David Metcalf would like to thank all presenters and attendees for making the day a success.
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