Digital Development Camps A Huge Success!

We are pleased to share with you that our 2020 Regional Development Programme has been a huge success. Even with the challenges of the present situation, we wanted to offer a flexible programme that offered swimmers and parents support and guidance but in a format that allowed maximum access. Usually the programme caters for 36 athletes due to facility restrictions.

This year the programme was targeting 2008-born swimmers and was delivered in two pieces. Firstly, a collection of educational videos were sent out for swimmers and parents to watch at their convenience. The videos themes were nutrition, psychology, strength and conditioning, lessons from the parent journey and a brief introduction from the Regional Talent Officer and Regional Head Coach. At the time of publishing they had accumulated over 1,200 views, which is an outstanding reach and highlights the huge benefits of sharing content digitally.

The second part to the programme was a series of live Q&A sessions that were hosted by the respective practitioners as well as the Regional Talent Officer and Regional Head Coach. The combined questions across these calls ran into the 100s, which again is so good to see! The audio from these Q&A sessions was recorded and subsequently published on the Regional Podcast and Regional Youtube channel. Included in the notes for each recording is the links to the original practitioner educational video as well any resources that the practitioner felt were useful to share, so all the information for each topic is in one place – just click in the episode notes!

It is a completely new way of operating but it showed the potential for the region reaching a much wider audience in a flexible and time effective way. It will pave the way for future engagement as we continue to try and grow the numbers of swimmers and parents we support.

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