Future Champions Meet and Festival of Swimming – Accepted Entries and a general update.

The review period for entries to the Future Champions and Festival of Swimming Meets has now concluded. The final accepted entries list for each meet can be found on the Swimming Competitions page which is here.

Over the coming days, the region will be preparing further information for distribution to clubs, coaches and athletes.

An event manual will be published for each event on the Monday prior to each competitive weekend. This is to ensure that the region is able to reflect on its experiences each weekend and make adjustments to its planning where necessary. 

Basic information such as session times and warm-up plans will be shared very shortly. The Region has, however, developed some common protocols for all weekends.

Athletes will be able to bring their usual swimming bags with them, but these bags will not be permitted in the Call Room or the Field of Play. The Field of Play is defined as the competition area – essentially the poolside, including all surrounding poolside space. Across all competition venues, access to the Call Room and Field of Play will be highly controlled. 

When entering the poolside to race, athletes may carry clothing and other race essentials in a see-through plastic bin liner, which should be brought to the venue by the swimmer. 

The type of bags required are the ones used here, as swimmers walk onto poolside to race:


Swimmers should also bring a supply of masks to the venue, for personal use, as this will most likely remain a venue and event requirement. 

The Region’s fundamental priority is to ensure the delivery of a safe and successful meet for our athletes and their coaches, in a manner that is fully compliant with the individual expectations of our venue operators. Discussions with each venue are ongoing, following the government’s very recent announcements. We will communicate further information as soon as we are able to do so.