World Mental Health Day

10th of October is World Mental Health Day in order to help raise awareness and break the stigma around the topic. Even though we are busy people, lets take some time to give our mental health the focus it deserves.

– Allocate ‘me time’- Rather than waiting for some ‘free time’ which never tends to happen, try creating some space in your diary and schedule in a walk, or reading a book, or even just doing some breathing exercises.

– Eat properly- With busy schedules, breakfast often gets missed, or dinner gets eaten on the go. Try to make sure you are eating healthy meals and plan in advance so you are not reaching for last minute snacks on the go.

– Communicate- Be open with your friends and family with how you are feeling and things that are on your mind. They will also appreciate someone that reaches out to them to ask how they are doing.

One in four people experience mental health issues during their lifetime, yet it is often not given the attention it deserves. This October, let’s take some time to think about what we can all do to make some changes.