Project 2028

“I dream of painting, then I paint my dream” – Vincent Van Gogh.

The power of dreams are limitless and year after year many wide eyed young athletes join our wonderful sport with dreams of participating in a fun sport, meeting new people and some perhaps even shooting for the Olympic Games. Whatever a young person’s dream is, their motivation, their goals, we as a sport have an opportunity whilst they are with us to inspire them and support them on a journey that could last a lifetime.

Since 2017-18 Swim England East Region has, through its staff and wider network, been building a foundation for the future of swimming. Developing stronger relationships and lines of communication with coaches, clubs, counties, operators, educational establishments as well as upskilling our athletes through a range of development programmes, all of which has built strong pillars in the region on which we will build.

All these activities are moving the sport forwards, but what is the dream, what is the vision, what does the horizon look like that we are swimming towards? Steve Jobs is quoted as saying “Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday”. The world is moving forward so fast and yet far too often in sport, things seem stuck in the past. So, in a concerted effort, Swim England East Region proudly introduce: Project 2028. 

Over a decade, the entire network of counties, clubs, coaches, parents, officials, support staff, facility operators, councils, schools, colleges and universities will work together in close collaboration with three bold objectives on the horizon. To best support ALL our athletes in the region, the network will pull together closely to ensure that by the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028 we achieve progress in three key areas. This will be the biggest project ever embarked upon by a region in this country.

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