Coach Development

Coach Development Opportunities


For all development opportunities please note that lane coaches and lead coach opportunities will be offered only to coaches that engage with the county, regional or national pathways. This in line with Swim England’s National Talent Team policy on coach selection.

Regional Development Camps – The region offers a number of development camp opportunities each year. Every year there will be three camps in the Autumn targeting 12 year olds (as as of end of year) and there are lane coaching opportunities at these camps as well as open invitation for coaches to come along and observe.

County Development Camps – Each county offers three development camps that run across the year.  Contact your county via their website for more information.

Most of the East Region counties also have conferences that comprise some coach development opportunities as well as other volunteering targeted courses. Again please contact your county for further information.

We would also encourage coaches to visit other programmes on a semi-regular basis in order to share ideas and develop links with more coaches in their immediate area. Some of our programme visits have had follow up reports produced. These can be found on the left of this page under ‘coach development resources’.

To support more reports being created for the region’s coaches to view, we have a programme called ’12 for 12 club visits’. We fund this programme with the view that if we can get 12 clubs visits a year and subsequently 12 reports generated annually for our website, this will benefit coaches everywhere. To find out if your club is eligible to access this funding please see the policy below.

12 for 12 Club Visits – Funding Policy (August 2019 Update)

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For more information contact the Regional staffing team.

Coaching Network and Communication

 The network of forums in swimming coaching offers a pathway for thoughts and ideas to be shared, discussed and fed both ways from county to national level.  All counties should ideally run at least two coaches forum per year to offer their coaches a chance to meet up, discuss ideas and future plans to ensure the sport in each county is as supportive as it can be.
The East Region coaches forum is comprised of twelve coaches in line with our terms of reference.  From this group, there is a national representative who sits on a technical committee that brings ideas from across the country together.
Any coach can contact the regional staffing team if they have queries they would like raised at the regional coaches forum.  Additionally, coaches can use social media to input through our regional coaches pages on Twitter  and Facebook.  As regional forum meetings take place, summary notes will be posted on the coach development tab and also emailed to county secretaries. 
For the 2020-21 season the forum will comprise of the following members:
Dave Champion – Teamipswich SC
Dan Pilbrow – West Suffolk SC
Alex Pinniger – City of Norwich
Sarah Vanderloo – West Norfolk SC
Paul Robbins – Thurrock SC
Ben Negus – City of Peterborough SC
James Freezer – City of Cambridge SC
Janko Gojkovic – Hatfield SC
Matt Paget – Watford SC
Lesley Batson – Putteridge SC
Jamie Fowler – Team Luton
Nick Thompson – St Felix SC