Open Water Coaching course

The Institute of Swimming have recently outlined how the pathway for coaches to become Open Water qualified operates and how a course can be arranged. For the course to be viable there needs to be at least 8 (or more) participants from within the region. Less than this number would require the other spaces to be made up from participants from outside the region.

The delivery of the course will take place in the following way:


Learners will be required to undertake on-line sessions delivered via zoom; most probably 2 x 3 hour sessions, though this is still to be finalised. In addition to these zoom sessions there is a requirement to complete self-directed online study and assessment within set time frames. The “classroom” phase of the course concludes with Learners expected to submit 6 session plans for different ranges of ability and to also complete an overview for a series of lessons.


Participants will require to attend practical training and assessment days. This usually involves one session in a pool delivering open water skills and one in the lake showing how to progress these skills from the pool to open water. COVID restrictions may require adjustments to how this part is delivered, however it is hoped that any delay in taking this part would be minimal.

So Coaches, if you are interested in taking this course to expand your skills to include Open Water as a qualification please make your intentions known by completing the form