Masters Manager Urgently Needed

You may be aware that our current Masters Manager, Sharon Perry, has decided to stand down from the role.  Sharon has done a fantastic job as our Masters Manager over the past three years, but has a busy and demanding job which frequently takes her away from home, and is unable to continue to juggle the masters role with her paid work.

In preparation for our Annual Council Meeting in September, we advertised the post but received no nominations for this role.  Sharon has kindly agreed to stay on in an interim basis to see that this year’s Regional Masters Championships and the Inter-county Competition take place but will be finishing after the competitions conclude in November.

So, the need for the region to find a new Masters Manager is becoming urgent.  If no-one comes forward to take on this role, the regional staff will continue to arrange development events, but there will be no regional masters competitions until we do fill the role.  It is not necessary for the Manager to do everything, there is a Masters Committee to help, but we do need a Manager to pull it all together and to make sure that everything happens.

If you think you might be able to help please look at the role description for this voluntary post and contact Amy Bryant, Regional Development Officer, at [email protected], to discuss the role further or to register your interest in taking the role on.