Long Course Championships – food/drinks passes available now

We are pleased to confirm that all poolside passes for coaches, team managers and chaperones will remain free of charge for the 2024 championships.

In recent years, we have not offered food and tea/coffee refreshments to coaches and team personnel. This is largely because coaches have preferred to make their own arrangements. We have received a limited number of requests to offer refreshments to these colleagues. Unfortunately we cannot do this free of charge, as the cost is relatively high and the championships now run on a break-even basis. We will, however, offer it at cost price. Payment will be via invoice to the club.

A tea/coffee pass will cost £10 per person per weekend.

A food pass will cost £25 per person per weekend (and will include tea/coffee – there is no need to purchase both passes). Food will comprise sandwiches, cake, crisps – there is no hot option.

Passes are transferrable – i.e if two coaches do a day each, they can transfer their pass.

If your club would like to purchase one of these options, please complete the form by Wednesday 3rd April, indicating the names of the coaches and which weekend the order is for. We will collate the requests and then invoice the club on 4th April.

All poolside passes must still be obtained via the online system.