Time to Listen workshops

11 July 2014

The ASA (Swim England) Time to Listen course was developed in line with CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) and is a training programme specifically for people who have a designated role in child protection within a sports setting.  The training is designed to equip designated people, at various levels, to fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities to children.  Please note that Time to Listen is designed as “one off” training for Welfare Officers and there is therefore no requirement to complete this training every 3 years unless Welfare Officers decide to do so.

 A grace period of 1 year will be given to clubs whose Welfare Officer is unable to access a Time to Listen course. The club can still obtain SwimMark accreditation, however the designated Welfare Officer must attend the course before the date of the clubs SwimMark Essential Health Check – we will require a statement from the club adhering to this if no certificate is available to upload as evidence.

 The Welfare Officer should be fully aware of Wavepower (2016-2019) polices and information and ensure it is adopted into all club practicesThis workshop is recommended by Swim England and the NSPCC for all club Welfare Officers to attend. Other committee members can also attend, to ensure there is someone at the club that can deal with any issues whilst the Welfare Officer is unavailable. The workshops covers what to do if an incident arises and what the role of the Welfare Officer entails.

This workshop  is essential for club Welfare Officers to attend for SwimMark accreditation.
To attend this workshop the learner must have completed a recognised Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop within the last 3 years.

Time to Listen courses:


October 2018       Suffolk

November 2018     Norfolk

Out of Region

Date Location Region
08/09/2018 Summerhill School, Kingswinford WM
09/09/2018 SportPark, Loughborough EM
16/09/2018 Medway Park, Gillingham SE
29/09/2018 Magnet LC, Maidenhead SE
07/10/2018 Holiday Inn, Winchester SE
24/11/2018 Crystal Palace (The Lodge) LON
24/11/2018 Dorset Youth Association SE


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