How to claim a Masters Regional record

Swim England Laws and Swim England Technical Rules as applied to English Records shall apply with the exception of the following:

  • Separate lists of Masters individual swimming records for both long and short course shall be maintained (incorporating the 18-24 age group and all masters groups from 25-29 and upwards). To claim a record a swimmer must have reached the age of 18 years by the day of the swim, otherwise age as at 31 December shall apply.
  •  A list of 200/400m medley and 200/400/800m freestyle Masters Team records for Men, Women and Mixed shall be maintained (incorporating the 72+ age group and all masters groups from 100 – 119 and upwards). There will not be separate lists for long and short course; records may be set in 25m or 50m pools. The team must be competing in the name of an affiliated club to the Region and all members of the team must be bona fide members of that club.
  • To claim a Masters Record the swimmer must be competing in a recognized Masters competition. The East Region Masters Swimming Committee will rule in defining a Masters competition in the event of any disputes. 
  • To claim an individual record please use this official claim form

    To claim a relay record please use this official claim form

To claim a record for an individual event the swimmer must be a bona fide member of a club affiliated to the Region and must be swimming either:

a) in the name of that club or
b) in the name of a team that is not an affiliated club but which may select a swimmer whose membership is of that club.

A claim for a record by a swimmer competing as a member of a National Team will be accepted only if his selection was based on performance in accordance with the above.

  1. Two Timekeepers shall be sufficient when using hand held watches.  Swim England Technical Rules shall be applied to decide the official time.

  2. All records except in Regional events or competing in a Regional team must be applied for on the official claim form.  Application shall be made within 28 days of the performance.

  3. Applications are not necessary for records set at Regional events or when competing in a Regional Team but a reminder may avoid a record being overlooked.

  4. An application for a record set at a County, Swim England or British Swimming Masters event or other recognized Masters Competition or when swimming in Swim England or British Swimming Masters teams should be supported by a copy of the result sheet.

  5. All records require ratification by the Records Officer.

  6. Details of new records shall be published at the first suitable opportunity.

  7. A certificate shall be awarded by the Region for each new Record when it has been ratified.