East Region Success at the Swim England National Awards Ceremony

A huge congratulations to all those shortlisted for the Swim England (SE) National Awards, an event where the successes and achievements of individuals and clubs were celebrated. This year the event was held at the University of Birmingham on 30 November, where a total of 34 awards were presented.

Congratulations also go to the east region members that were presented with an award, including Sue Purchase (St Felix SC) for SE Coach of the Year Silver Award, and  John Bellis (South Beds Masters SC) for SE Long Service to Aqauatics Bronze Award.

There were also awards for each discipline, highlighting a talented athlete of the year. Nathan Hughes (Hatfield SC) won the Open Water SE Talented Athlete of the Year, and Ellie Chalis (Colchester Phoenix SC) won the Para-swimming SE Talented Athlete of the Year Award.