Diving National Age Groups and National Skills Finals

Diving National Age Groups and National Skills

It’s been a busy few weeks for diving clubs from the East Region with the Diving National Age Groups (NAGs) being held in Sheffield from 27th – 30th June, followed by the National Skills Finals in Plymouth on 6th & 7th July.

A total of 38 divers representing Beaumont DC, Cambridge DC, Dacorum DC, Luton DC and Southend DC attending the Diving NAGs.  Full results are available online, with particular success for divers from Dacorum and Luton  who came away with individual medals.  There were also multiple medals for East clubs in the synchro events.


Name Club Age Group Position(s)
Oscar Kane Dacorum Group D Bronze – 1m

Bronze – 3m

Jorden Fisher-Eames Luton Group D Gold – Platform
Alfie Whytock Luton Group C Gold – Platform

Silver – 1m

Katie Townsend Dacorum Group B Silver – 1m
Maisie Kivlochan Dacorum Group A Gold – 1m

Silver – 3m

Grace Connolly Luton Group A Bronze – 1m

Bronze – Platform



Pair Club(s) Age Group Position
Alfie Whytock & Jorden Fisher-Eames Luton Group C/D Gold
Joshua Bush & Connor Lano Luton & Southend Group C/D Silver
Baye Cook-Macdonald & Lyra Guise Tucker Luton/Star Group C/D Bronze
Katie Townsend & Maisie Kivlochan Dacroum Group A/B Gold
Olivia Wall & Chloe Hackett Luton Group A/B Bronze


While at the National Skills Finals, there were thirty four divers from East Region clubs.  Full results are now available, with medals won by the following divers:

Name Club Group Position
Lucy Parker Luton C1 Gold
Ludo Waterman Luton C2 Gold
Alliyah Omar Luton B+ Silver
Sadie Stratford Southend D1 Bronze
Rufus Bord Cambridge D1 Bronze
Hannah Cundell Luton C1 Bronze
Matthew Lewis Southend C1 Bronze
Olivia Capon Southend B+ Bronze