Artistic Swimming Development Days Target 12 & Under

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Two regional development training opportunities ran on 24th September and 1st October at Hatfield Swim Centre aimed at the region’s youngest artistic swimmers.  The first day was for 9 and 10 year olds with no figure grade and the second day for 12 & Under swimmers who had a minimum of figure grade 1.  Swimmers attended from Chelmsford SC, Dacorum ASC, Hatfield SC, Norwich ASC and Potters Bar ASC and completed a one hour land session followed by one hour in the pool.

The sessions targeted the youngest swimmers in the region to encourage them to develop strong basic skills that will then help them to pass figure grades and reach their full potential.  The land session focused on body awareness and balance to enable swimmers to understand how to know what they are doing by using their muscles and extension to move into and maintain accurate positions in the water.  They also considered technique of some key sculls that are essential for swimmers to move through figure grades.  After then completing some warm up stretches, swimmers put what they had learnt into practice during the pool sessions by practicing a range of positions and sculls.

Both sessions saw swimmers maintain impressive levels of focus for their age and they all worked hard throughout both land and pool sessions.  The region looks forward to seeing how these young artistic swimmers progress in the coming years!