Our Structure

Board of Directors

Swim England East Region is an incorporated company, currently seeking charitable status. The region is managed at a strategic level by a Board of four Directors.

The region has a Members’ Forum in place to vote on matters as appropriate.

A Regional Operations Committee oversees the day to day management of the implimentation of the Company’s Strategy.

A Nominations Commitee is set up each time there is a call for a new nomination for an appointment, a post, or an award.

Each discipline is supported by its own committee with Terms of Reference to deliver agreed development opportunities, competitions and budgets that will enhance the sport.

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Audit, Risk and Probity Committee

The region has put in place an Audit, Risk and Probity Committee to ensure processes and decisions are completed in an appropriate way that is fair and inclusive.

If you would like to get in touch with this committee, please email ARP@eastswimming.org .

Members of our Committees, Groups, and Members’ Forum

Board of Directors

      Regional Operations Committee

      Audit, Risk and Probity Committee

      Members’ Forum

Discipline Managers

Volunteer officers


Role descriptions for Board members and volunteer officers.