Passionate volunteers are invited to join the East Region Diving Leadership Group

The East Region Diving Leadership Group  (EDLG) are seeking to co-opt up to two specialist members to join the group and support the growth of Diving in the Region. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about diving and the development of the sport in the East Region, and who feel they have the time and ability to support the wider group and its goals moving into 2024 and the region’s new Strategy period.

To apply for this voluntary role, please provide a short-written statement explaining why you would like to be considered for this role, outlining any relevant experience that you have which would assist the EDLG in the delivery of its responsibilities as well as confirming which areas in particular you are interested in supporting.

Please specify your name, club and Swim England Membership number at the beginning of your statement and return your statement to Josh Devine (Regional Manager) at [email protected] by Monday the 27th of November, with the Subject marked as ‘Diving Leadership Group Application – Specialist Member’

Please note applications close at 23:59 on Monday 27th November, 2023

About the role:

The specialist member will be responsible for supporting the achievement of the EDLG’s aims, objectives and responsibilities (as detailed below). The specialist member will assist the Diving Manager, Operations Officer, Competitions Officer and Development Officer in executing their duties. The specialist member will assist the EDLG in planning and managing diving competitions and development activities within the region.

The specialist member/s will have the opportunity to get involved and support areas in which they have experience and are passionate about, whether this is organising development activities for coaches and/or athletes or helping to develop our volunteers and judges.

Purpose of the EDLG:

The purpose of the EDLG is to plan and manage an effective structure of Diving competitions, and to ensure effective development of Diving within the region in accordance with the Swim England East Region Strategy and Development Plan and compatible with Swim England structures.

Aims of the EDLG:

  1. To operate an annual programme of regional competitions in Diving, in line with Swim England agreements and approved plans and budgets
  2. To ensure appropriate structures are in place to support the development of Diving within the region
  3. To ensure that an appropriate workforce is in place to support the development of Diving
  4. To ensure that talented athletes are identified and supported to achieve their potential

Objective of the ELDG:

  1. To identify required developments to enable an effective athlete pathway to be in place throughout the region
  2. To run regional competitions for appropriate age groups
  3. To run regional development camps, as required and on a cost neutral basis, to support and identify talented athletes and coaches
  4. To identify workforce requirements for officials, coaches and other club personnel
  5. To develop officials, and other volunteers, to support the regional competition requirements


The Group will be responsible for:

  1. Producing an annual plan and budget to meet the objectives
  2. Submitting the annual plan and budget to the ROC for approval and to the Board for final agreement
  3. Implementing the agreed plan within the allocated budget, or agreeing any deviations with the Board
  4. Advising the Regional Development Manager of requirements for coach and club development, and education requirements, to enable the successful implementation of the plan
  5. All communications should be copied to the representative from the Regional Operations Committee

Please see the Terms of Reference and the Structure Chart of the EDLG for further details.