17 July 2015

Platform and springboard diving are two of the most spectacular and exciting aquatic sports.  Both involve one or two divers performing spins, twists and somersaults into a pool from a series of heights.

Competitive platform and springboard diving involves an immense amount of strength, flexibility and courage.  Divers leap from heights of between 1m and 10m, performing a variety of twists and spins in different positions.  The difficulty of a dive can vary greatly depending on their starting position, body position throughout the dive and the number of and types of rotations or twists performed during the dive.

Not sure how high 10m is? Just imagine two giraffes standing on top of each other… and then diving head first from that height!


Diving in the East Region

There are eight diving clubs in the East Region, two of which, Luton DC and Southend DC, are Beacon clubs.  These two clubs are hubs for some of the most talent divers in the region and also help with sharing knowledge to other local clubs.  These clubs, along with several other clubs in the region, aim to send divers to national level competitions. The region is also home to Olympic bronze medallist from Rio 2016 in the men's 10m Synchro, Daniel Goodfellow (pictured with Tom Daley), who is from Cambridge Dive Team.

Each year the regional diving committee organise a range of competitions covering skills, age-groups and club championships.  The East Region hosted the ASA National Skills Finals in July 2016 which was a huge success (see photo, left).

The region has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to officiating with a number of highly experienced judges who mentor those who are newer to judging.  Several of our judges are also FINA judges.

For more information on regional diving please use the Diving drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Alternatively, if you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact our regional Diving Manager.

For more information on diving, including national updates, can be found on the Swim England Diving Hub.

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