Swim England East Region Short Course Championships 2018

The Swimming Committee is concerned that some swimmers have had insufficient opportunities to qualify for the 100m Individual Medley at the Swim England East Region Short Course Championships.

It has therefore been decided that swimmers can enter the 100m Individual Medley if they have the 200m Individual Medley qualifying time for the championships.

Those competitors who already have a 100m Individual Medley qualifying time must enter with that time.

Swimmers entering with a 200m Individual Medley time will be seeded with that time.

To enter the 100IM using a 200IM time click the N against the event until it turns to a green Y. The entry administrator will then enter the 200IM time for the event. If the swimmer has qualified for the 200IM event but is not entering it please provide a screen shot from rankings showing the swimmer has achieved the 200IM QT.