East Region Water Polo Clubs

09 September 2015

East Region Water Polo Clubs


If you are looking to get involved in water polo in the East Region, please check our list of clubs to find where you nearest is:



Bedfordshire Lions WPC

Website: www.bedslionspolo.club/ 

Contact: info@bedslionspolo.club


Bedford Water Polo Club

Website: www.bwpc.co.uk/


Biggleswade Swimming Club (WP Section)

Website: www.biggleswadesc.org/waterpolo.php

Contact: admin@biggleswadesc.org 


Dunstable Water Polo Club

Website: www.dunstablewaterpoloclub.co.uk

Contact: info@dunstablewaterpoloclub.co.uk


Bedford Modern School SC (WP section)



City of Cambridge SC (WP section)

Website: www.cocsc.org.uk/index.php

Contact: www.cocsc.org.uk/contact.php?name=Membership%20Secretary


Cambridge University SC (WP section)

Website: www.cuswpc.co.uk/

Contact: cuswpc.co.uk/contact-us/



Basildon & Phoenix SC

Website: www.basildonswimming.co.uk/waterpolo.html

Email: mikec@phoenixbasildonsc.org


Chelmsford City SC (WP section)

Website: www.chelmsfordswimmingclub.org.uk/waterpolo.php

Contact: info@chelmsfordswimmingclub.org.uk


Colchester SC (WP section)

Website: www.colchesterswimming.com/waterpolo.shtml

Contact:  waterpolo.secretary@colchesterswimming.com


Clacton Swimming Club (WP section)

 Please see: www.tendringdc.gov.uk/node/2861/view



Hatfield Swimming Club (WP section)

Website: www.hatfieldswimmingclub.org/

Contact: george.knight@hatfieldswimmingclub.org


Hertford Swimming Club (WP section)

Website: www.hertfordwaterpolo.club

Contact: enquires@hertfordwaterpolo.club


Hitchin SC (WP section)

Website: www.hitchinswimmingclub.co.uk/index.php/water-polo

Contact: wp@hitchinswimmingclub.co.uk


Paddocks Piranhas (Bishops Stortford) WPC

Contact: paddockspiranhas@hertsasa.org.uk


Watford Water Polo Club

Website: watfordwaterpolo.co.uk/

Contact: watfordwaterpolo.co.uk/contact/



Norwich & Thetford WPC

Website: norwichwaterpolo.co.uk/

Contact: norwichwaterpolo.co.uk/contact/



 ICENI Water Polo Club

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/iceniwp/


Suffolk Coastal Torpedoes

Website: www.sc-torpedoes.co.uk/

Contact: secretary@sc-torpedoes.co.uk


Team Ipswich Swimming (WP section)

Website: www.ipswichswimming.org/




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