An update on Licensing

17 November 2015

Following the change in the way we deal with Licence applications the Region’s Management Committee have been acting as a panel to review applications. This update aims to share the results of our learning to date.

We have found there to be a large variation in the quality of applications and competitions, on most we have had to ask for more information or significant changes before we are able to grant a licence. This is clearly creating delays for all involved. The note here highlights some of the common issues found and suggests ways to avoid them.

For many licensed meets the Referee and or Promoter report forms including the fees are sent in late which is a breach of the licence conditions. In addition there are still many outstanding and we have started to chase clubs for them. We will defer decisions on future applications by clubs until everything outstanding is received.

Many of the officials lists are in a form that does not enable us to verify that the appropriate numbers at relevant qualification levels were working at a gala. We are developing templates that will help clubs provide us with the correct information so that we can verify the position with officials. Where we find there to be shortfalls we will discuss the situation with clubs before we have the results removed from rankings.

We are looking at the reports provided by meet management software that you can use to calculate the licence fee to simplify this part of the process.

If you have any questions on this update or the note about common issues please email so that it they can be passed to the full panel. Please do not contact anybody else as they will not have taken part in discussions so will not be able to explain the reasons for decisions that have been taken.

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