Meet Licensing

20 June 2016

Swim England has published the Criteria for Licensed Meets, which came into effect on 1st March 2015. The objective of the Meet Licensing System is to assure the quality of swimming competitions and specifically to ensure that times submitted to Swim England rankings are reliable. We are instructed by the National Licensing Panel to operate the spirit of the criteria.

The Region has established a licensing panel to review all licence applications and post-competition reports. The aim of the panel is to help clubs deliver high quality competitions, with consistency across the Region so that swimmers, parents and coaches know what to expect.

  • If aspects of an application for a licence are not satisfactory, we will provide specific comments and general guidance to assist the club
  • Where Meet Reports are incomplete and/or highlight a problem, we will contact the club. If reports are incomplete we provide assistance in completion. Where there is a problem, we will contact the club to understand what occurred, the impact on the competition and how the same problem can be avoided in the future. In particular, we will look to establish whether any breach of conditions affects the integrity of the results

If your application is not acknowledged within a week of sending it to the Region, please contact

If you have any question about licensing a meet, please contact us at

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