Open Water Championships 2017

11 April 2017

All the information about the Championships has now been published Open Water Championship Information section of the website.

We have increased the cost of a swim for the first time in several years. The new amounts are shown on the various forms.

All East Region clubs and those outside the region entering three or more swimmers will be required to submit entries electronically as happens for pool swimming championships. The guidance notes have been updated as the entries for the Novice event are now under a Boys/Girls heading to make it easier for clubs to calculate the correct entry fees to pay.

Non ASA members entering through the temporary membership route must use the entry form provided. Clubs outside the region entering one or two swimmers can choose between the entry form or electronic route.

The Championship Conditions have been updated to reflect new FINA rules about wetsuits.

We would like to remind all competitors and spectators that the Whitlingham Country Park does not permit the lighting of Barbeques.

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