Swim England Tutor Training now Open for Applications

13 October 2017
The Swim England Tutor Training Programme ensures the delivery and assessment of Swim England qualifications is done at the highest standard. The programme is designed to an individual’s needs. It provides extensive training, development, and support to help you become a tutor/assessor. The tutor Training Programme is now open for applications.
For successful applicants accepted onto the programme as a Coaching Swimming Course tutor, the region has some funding available to cover the fee of the programme. Email leanne.brace@swimming.org for more information on this.

Trainees recruited to the programme vary each year and is driven by a range of factors, such as gaps in tutor coverage for the eight Swim England regions, or the tutor requirements of the ASA Awarding Body Approved Centres.

It is important that you are aware of the commitment required to the course at the time of applying. All parts of the programme must be attended and completed. Applications close 27th October 5pm. 

For more information, including the application form and details regarding the commitment, please click HERE.
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