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22 June 2010


The Swim England East Region Membership Officer is Chris Galer.  He is the first point of contact for clubs wishing to affiliate to Swim England East Region. Email him on: membership@eastswimming.org

Affiliation Fees are due annually - Swim England collects the affiliation fee for Swim England, Region and County. These were due on January 1, 2018 and must have been paid by February 28, 2018. New members joining throughout the year can join at the same price. Between 1st October 2018 and 31st March 2019 there will be a reduced rate of 50% for regional and Swim England membership fees.

The Regional Fees for 2018 are:

£35.00 per club/organisation
£5.00 per Category One member
£5.00 per Category Two member
No charge for Category Three member

Below are criteria set out by Swim England on a national basis for clubs to affiliate to the Governing Body.

Swim England

National criteria for the affiliation of swimming clubs by Regions

1. The club name should include some reference to the club’s normal area of activity and location but must not have a name similar to, or which could be confused with, another club in existence.

2. The club should be inaugurated by a general meeting or in the case of an existing club applying for affiliation the region should determine if a general meeting is required prior to granting affiliation.

3. The club shall adopt a constitution modelled on the Swim England recommended club constitution (including all mandatory elements) and be approved by the Region.

4. The Officers of the club should preferably not come from the same family and where this is not possible at least one of the officers should not be a family member. Signatories to payments must not be from the same family.

5. The club shall before it commences operation have appointed a Club Welfare Officer who is not related to the club coach, club teachers or other key Officers.

6. The Region shall consult the sub-regional body / County Association for their views on the club with a time limit of 30 days for responses.

7. Should the Region receive representations from other affiliated clubs which express concerns, the Region should thoroughly research these concerns.

8. The Region may, if it wishes, consider representation from non affiliated bodies on the affiliation e.g. County Sports Partnerships.

9. If it is decided to reject a request for affiliation the Region shall set out the reasons and advise the applicant as to the Appeals process.

Clubs affiliating to Swim England must have an up to date constitution, in line with the recommendations set out by Swim England.  Click here to view the latest guidance from Swim England regarding club constitutions.

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