Teaching and Coaching Qualifications

19 April 2016


Swim England's Awarding Body has a multitude of qualifications that training providers are able to deliver. Each qualification has been developed to meet the equivilant QCF standards and currently range from levels 1-2 for teaching qualifications, and 'Assistant Coach' through to 'Senior Coach' for coaching courses. A list of each course specification can be found HERE.

List of Available Courses

To find a course you can use the filters on the Swim England Calendar found HERE

The Club Offer

For coaching courses, the Region is able to work with clubs to offer courses based upon local demand for a heavily reduced cost. If your club has a need for Coaching courses, contact bookings@eastswimming.org and we will collate demand. As soon as there are 11 names for an 'Assistant Coach Course' in an area or 10 names for a Coaching Course, the region will organise a course.

Assistant courses will run at a reduced cost of £220 instead of £370 and Coaching courses will cost £450 instead of £660. By registering a course in this way, not only does it mean a reduced cost, but it also ensures there are enough learners to run the course and courses therefore don't get cancelled.

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