Referees' exam success

11 December 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Regional technical officials who have passed this year's British Swimming Referee examination: Andrew Fitt (St Ives SC), Derek Hughes (Hemel Hempstead SC), Graham Briars (West Suffolk SC), Mark Horrod (Hemel Hempstead SC), Nigel Utting (Great Yarmouth SC).

Candidates are required to make a  substantial  commitment during the year, both on the poolside and in the 'classroom' theory sessions, while under the supervision of a BS Referee Course Leader. The conclusion of the training was a two-and-a-quarter hours written examination sat in November. They will undertake a practical assessment in the near future.

Special thanks to the course leaders and referees that have assisted in the training and poolside mentoring during the year.

For those of you wishing to know more about the referees' course for 2014, your application form must be submitted by December 31, 2013.  You should speak to a course leader before applying to understand the personal commitment you are required to make during the year.

Course Leaders are Chris Galer, Sheila Mackenzie, Kay McGuire, David Metcalf, Stewart Murray, David Robinson and Stuart Tawn.

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