SwimMark Benefits

01 April 2016

Financial Benefits

Swim England offers the following to clubs with SwimMark accreditation:

  • £100 worth of IoS credits to be used against course/CPD costs per annum (12 month duration to use voucher) click HERE to visit the IoS courses website.
  • 5% discount on Swim England Awards and discounts at Swim England Club Conferences and events.

 In addition the Swim England East Region offers the following to clubs with SwimMark accreditation:

  • Swim England East Region offers £315 towards the cost of a Coaching (previously known as Level 2) course.  Each club may apply for two course places per year. The form can be found   document HERE (21 KB) .
  • FREE Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop places on regionally organised courses.
  • FREE places on regionally organised Time to Listen courses.
  • Access to a grant of up to £500 (match funded) for clubs to add a new section to the club or for a unique project to help increase membership. For a form, click HERE.
  • Coaches can attend development opportunities around the country (from a list of acceptable opportunities) and Swim England East Region will cover the travel costs involved. More information coming soon on how to apply and a list on what opportunities will be accepted.

Additional benefits can include:

  • Some pool providers offer a discount to SwimMark clubs – National Club Survey findings (2016) indicate that the average pool hire rates of £18.60 per lane versus average of £15.48 (17% less) for SwimMark accredited clubs.  This provides a saving of some £3000 per annum.
  • County Association Grants/Bursaries – please note that each County is semi-autonomous to Swim England/ Region and therefore have their own incentives for SwimMark achievement.
  • Accreditation can help with eligibility towards sports specific funding pots (e.g. County Sports Partnerships/Sport England- Small Grants Fund).
  • Grant application support and prioritisation.

 Process Benefits

  • Access to a development tool for club improvement, including the production of a Club Development Plan.  SwimMark is the beginning of a journey to facilitate overall club development and raise standards.
  • Identification of workforce training needs to improve club operation.
  • Develop an effective club management structure with clearly identified roles/responsibilities.
  • Self examination of the club is crucial, plus enhanced support and expertise from Swim England Club Development Officers/Regional Club Coordinators.
  • Access to a range of Swim England templates and policies, following best practice and improving all areas of the club.
  • Develop clear goals and ambitions that can be communicated to all club members/wider community.

General Club Benefits

  • Greater number of appropriately qualified volunteers, who are safe to work with children and young people, with defined role descriptions.
  • Enhanced quality of coaching/teaching delivery and general improvements to workforce quality.
  • Prioritised support from Swim England staff. Regional staff support is also very much available.
  • Pool time is sometimes prioritised towards SwimMark clubs (local operator decision).
  • Opportunities to share best practice with other SwimMark clubs and network with the SwimMark community.
  • SwimMark accreditation can be promoted within the local community by offering a safe environment to children and therefore security for parents.  It is a tangible statement to all stakeholders (Local Authorities, Schools, Parents, Swimmers etc) that you take quality and safety seriously.


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