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Wed Nov 15 @ 7:30PM - 09:30PM
Water Polo Committee

Women's Water Polo


Women's Water Polo in the Region is taking a bold step forward, with the formation of the ICENI Water Polo team. The ICENI have been entered into the British Water Polo League for the coming season, and are looking for players...

 If you are a female water polo player born in 1995 or earlier, you could be playing National League water polo, and helping the sport develop in the East.  If you are a past player who would like a new challenge, or an up and coming player training in one of the clubs in the Region, you could be part of ICENI!

Players would need to be committed to training with their own clubs, as well as training sessions for ICENI which would be held around the Region. National League matches take place across the UK, so you would also need to be able to travel at weekends to play in matches. The team are aiming to keep costs to a minimum, but a player deposit of £25 would be needed to cover League fees.

Anyone interested in becoming a player, coach, official, or can help out in any way, please contact Sue White on: iceniwp@btinternet.com

Click here for the ICENI website.

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