British Swimming Launches Innovative Online Resource

12 September 2016

British Swimming has recently launched 'Off the Blocks'. This is an online resource designed to provide information and support to our coaches working across the country. It is a free programme designed by experts to be used by people working in the sport in Great Britain that want to upskill.


The toolkit firstly concentrates on 'Technical' issues, and focuses on starting, turning, underwater kicking and finishing skills. It will also shortly contain content on other areas including 'Physical' and 'Tactical'.
The toolkit also has multiple themed physical resources, including factsheets, that can be downloaded and is easily accessible for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing. These have been produced in collaboration with Home Nation performance staff, UK Sport and the BSCA.

Registration is required in order to access the site from the UK only, details of which can be found at: 

If you would like more information please contact the 'Off the Blocks team here.



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