East Swimming Coaches' Forum

29 September 2016

The East Swimming Coaches' Forum is a consultative group set up to enable swimming coaches to discuss issues and feed their views into the ASA East Region Swimming Committee and the ASA England Programmes Team.

The forum is made up of representatives from a variety of areas;


Alex Pinnegar
ASA England Programmes Representative
Mike Parker
ASA East Region Swimming Committee Representative
Tom Baster
ASA East Region Officer
Amy Bryant
Beacon Programme Representative
Doug Campbell
Representative for Producing National Medallists
Dave Champion
Age Group Representative
Adam Taylor
Para Swimming Representative
Oliver Waddington
Hertfordshire Coaches Representative
Janko Gojkovic
Essex Coaches Representative
Martin Stringer
Cambridgeshire Coaches Representative
Ben Negus
Suffolk Coaches Representative
Sue Purchase
Norfolk Coaches Representative
Sarah Vanderloo
Bedfordshire Coaches Representative
Tom McManus

If you have any suggestions for the forum to discuss, please send it via one of the representatives or to