Swimming Coaches Club Visits Information

15 May 2017

 Club, programme and camp visits

The region has set up a new scheme to enable coaches form the region to claim travel expenses when visiting other clubs, programmes or camps for development purposes.  This will only apply where an agreement has been set up by the region with a club (see list below).  

The region will ask that each coach complete a feedback form which can be added to the regional website so that other coaches can benefit from the visit too (no personal details will be posted).  Once the feedback form has been recevied, an expenses claim form will be issued.

The list of clubs can be found below, please check back as the list of clubs may change as the scheme develops.  Please click  document Here (46 KB) for an application form.

All completed forms must be sent to Regional Swimming Talent Officer, Kevin Pickard ( who will put interested coaches in contact with the appropriate person at the club they wish to visit.