Guidance: What you need to do

Applying for a Licence

An application for a licence needs to be received by licensing@eastswimming.org a minimum of 2 months prior to the first date of the meet.

Before applying for a licensed meet, clubs should read the ASA OPEN MEET LICENSING CRITERIA. This will ensure you are aware of the necessary requirements for the level of meet they intend to run. It is also worth looking at some of the common issues with licence applications found HERE. NOTE that a single application may only cover a series of meets if the conditions, entry/limit times etc are the same. The promoter will need to send the following information to licensing@eastswimming.org in order to apply for a licence;

  • Licence Meet Application Form
  • Meet Conditions (please look at the Forms and Templates page)
  • Supporting documents- qualifying standards, meet schedule, entry forms

Please make sure that you use the correct versions of the Licence Application Form and attach all of the required documentation to your email. You should not publish any conditions until a licence number has been issued.

Once a Licence had been Granted

Once a meet has been given a licence number your club will receive confirmation. The number can then be added to meet paperwork which can then be distributed/published.

Please ensure that any correspondence with the East Region regarding a meet, specifies the licence number (if you have one), the club and title of the meet to avoid any delay in seeking clarification to what meet the correspondence is referring to.

You must ensure any paperwork sent out in the public domain must not include swimmer's dates of birth or other personal information other than their name.

After the Meet

After a meet, the Promoter will need to ensure that the following documents are sent to licensing@eastswimming.org within 14 days of the meet. This applies to each licence number issued. Templates can be found on the Forms and Templates page;

  • Referee's report (the referee will probably send this themselves)
  • Promoter's report
  • List of Officials- this needs to include name, ASA membership number and role at the meet.
  • Any payments relevant to the meet. The levy is specified in the Licensing Criteria document (please note the East Region waive the fee for a level 4 single Club event)
  • Back up for the payment calculation- e.g. entry report, list of accepted entries