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East Region Management Board

ASA East Region Office

Some of you will be aware that, since the creation of regions twelve years ago, the ASA has supported regional offices by employing the divisional administrators who worked in regional offices.  Recently, the participation funding that the ASA has received from Sport England to run the divisional teams, has been withdrawn, and consequently staff employed in those teams, including the London and East Office Manager, Kelly Stannard, have faced the risk of redundancy. Kelly has been offered, and accepted, a new post with London Swimming.

I am sure you will join us in thanking Kelly for her services to ASA East Region and wishing her good luck in her new role. Until a new Regional Finance Officer is recruited, please can you send any finance queries to finance@eastswimming.org.

We are also pleased to announce that Suzanne Philpot, although having left our region through the same process, has been accepted as the new London Executive Officer. Congratulations Suzanne.