Open Water Calendar

Sun Jul 16 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
East Region Open Water Championships
Sun Nov 19 @10:00AM - 01:00PM
Open Water Committee

Open Water Championships Received Entries

A list of the received entries can be found here.

Please check the details and email owentries@eastswimming.org with any errors by the end of 25 June 2017. A list of accepted entries will then be published and no further corrections will be accepted.

There are slightly more entries for the 3k and 1.5k events than the normal maximum we would accept. In the last two years the number of non swimmers on the day was more than enough to bring the actual number within the maximum we would accept. Provided the review period does not reveal any major errors we are likely to accept all the entries.

Events 2 and 3 have a Para-Swimmer category which we identify from the "S" codes on a swimmers entry record in Sportsystems. The received entry list has a small number of entrants for events 2 or 3 with an "S" code on their entry. Can you please check that the code has not been omitted for any Para-Swimmers entering events 2 and 3. The code should be the same as that recorded on the swimmers ASA record except for those recorded as S64 or S65 by the ASA which should become S14 and S15 respectively for these Championships.