Safeguarding and Protecting Workshops

This workshop is designed for people that regularly work with children and young people within a club environment. Protect yourself, the young people, and the club by understanding and following good practice provided in this workshop. It will provide the learner with the tell-tale signs of abuse and give you the tools and confidence to deal with the issue effectively and sensitively, should the need ever arise.

If you are looking to renew your Safeguarding certificate (as they expire every three years) you can now renew by attending the SportsCoach UK online workshop which costs only £16 and lasts 1 1/2 hours. This online renewal course can be found HERE.

For your nearest generic course, please enter your postcode into the search engine on the Sports Coach UK website found HERE. Alternatively the region are hosting some specific courses just for our clubs;

SCUK Safeguarding and Protecting workshops-

- 18th February 2017- Hatfield.

 Please contact bookings@eastswimming.org for more information about any of the above courses.