Online Club Captain Module

 ASA Club Captain Online Resource

If you have recently appointed new Club Captains within your club or if you have young people who would like to take on this responsibility in the near future, the ASA’s Club Captain resource aims to equip them with the necessary support and guidance to enable the young person to be successful in their role. If your current Club Captains have had no training, it might be useful for them to also complete the resource.


The Club Captain online resource is a 90 minute interactive activity based session, which will help to ensure the young person’s time in post is as rewarding as possible for both themselves and your club.

The resource will:-

  • Prepare and stimulate thought with regards to what is expected from the role

  • Provide you with a clear understanding of the key duties and responsibilities of a good Club Captain

  • Enable you to create your own personal development plan

  • Create a 12 month Club Captain project plan to help you structure thoughts and ensure your skills and ideas are put into action


How to complete the resource

The resource can be accessed via the IOS Online website free of charge. The person completing the resource will need to have their own individual login. This is simple to do and the site will go through each step but here is extra guidance if needed on registering on IOSonline.