Modernian SC wins a national award!

15 July 2016

Modernian SC won the Youth Volunteering Award at yesterday's Sport and Recreation Alliance Community Sport and Recreation Awards. Pictured is Rebecca Whelan, an ASA Helper volunteer with the club, accepting the award.

 Modernian Swimming Club is a community swimming club in Bedford that celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2015. The club focuses on developing each child’s potential in competitive and non-competitive settings and offers subsidised swimming lessons to children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Volunteers working together are what have helped to make the club successful and there are now approximately 60 volunteers lending their support by teaching, coaching and generally helping run the club. In 2011, the club established Modernian Crash Course, an innovative volunteer programme designed to involve the club’s younger members. The course encourages young people in the club to volunteer and train to become ASA certified swim helps – to date over 60 young volunteers have taken part.

The programme is able to deliver a meaningful impact in the community by offering children the chance to learn to swim through subsidised lessons and also provide opportunities for young people to develop new skills. 

Modernian Swimming Club plan to use the Community Sport and Recreation Award money to help fund swimming lessons for children who may otherwise not take up swimming and also to help develop more young people into volunteers.

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