Clubs share 'best practice' ideas

26 August 2013

THE ASA East Region is looking to help its clubs share their best ideas and practices with one other.

Club Development Officer Leanne Brace, working with the Club Development Group, has collated a number of ideas, practices and  strategies - submitted by the region's clubs - which they think could also benefit other organisations.

It is a continuous project with clubs encouraged to submit their own tips and ideas, practices that work well for them and which they are happy to pass on. They can relate to any area of running a club.

Leanne said: “No matter what size the club, or the level of athletes it has, some really great case studies of good practice can be found which really benefits the members, the running of the club or both.

"These best practices do not have to be within large areas, some are often very small little things that end up making a difference and it is important to share these ideas so other clubs can learn from them.

"We have a list of current suggestions that have been sent in. Please feel free to have a look through them and if you have any ideas of your own, the template can be found document HERE and can be sent to and they will then be added.”

folder Click here for list of best practices so far

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