Mentoring and Sharing Ideas

No matter what size its membership, or what level of its athletes, it can be hugely beneficial for clubs to share their ideas and practices - ideas that really benefit members and the running of the club.


These best practices do not have to be within large areas, some are often very small details that end up making a huge difference and it is important to share these ideas so other clubs can learn from them.



The Region has started a list of clubs that welcomes coaches/ teachers from other clubs to come along and observe some sessions. For those clubs that want to be recognised as having an 'open door' for mentoring and/or observation opportunities, please email leanne.brace@swimming.org and we can promote your club in this way by adding it to this list.

Mentoring List


Sharing Ideas

Below is a list of the current suggestions that have been sent in. Please feel free to have a look through them and if you have any ideas of your own, the template can be found at the top of the list. This can be sent in to Leanne.brace@swimming.org and will then be added.